Converged SD-WAN and Security for Global Manufacturers

Webinar Overview 

Global manufactures everywhere are changing the way they run the business. IT needs to support strategic initiatives such as rapid migration to cloud services, work from anywhere, and cybersecurity risk reduction. At the same time, IT is also required to become leaner, faster, and more agile than ever before.    

This is easier said than done. Manufacturing networks must support mission critical production and business operations with reliable, optimized, and secure connectivity. Yet, a small IT team must to maintain, evolve, and adapt an infrastructure built with expensive and rigid MPLS connectivity, and maintenance-heavy and capacity constraint network security appliances.   

This is why global manufacturers like Dexko GlobalFisher & CoASL AviationKomaxNew Wave Group, and Juki turned to Cato Networks to streamline their WAN and security and optimize costs.   

Based on Gartner’s Secure Access Service Edge framework, Cato Networks provides manufacturers, with a simple, secure, and optimized network built for the digital business.  

Presented by Yishay Yovel, CMO at Cato Networks, this webinar will teach you 

  • The challenges faced by global manufacturers looking to evolve their IT infrastructure 
  • What converged network, security, cloud and remote access capabilities are available to global manufacturers to address these challenges   
  • How the Cato solution helps manufacturers IT to support digital transformation while eliminating complexity and reducing costs    


Who is this webinar for? 

IT leaders and network and security managers, looking to position their teams and infrastructure to readily support the modern global manufacturing business.  

Presented by


Yishay Yovel

Chief Marketing Officer at Cato Networks

Yishay has over 25 years of experience in defining and deploying enterprise IT software solutions in the areas of security, storage, business continuity and mobile computing.