The (Nearly) 10 Biggest Mistakes I’ve Seen Manufacturers Make When Evaluating SD-WAN

Webinar Overview 


Manufacturers everywhere are grappling with modernizing their legacy networks. SD-WAN is the logical path but what pitfalls and challenges should you be ready to address when evaluating SD-WAN?  

In our next webinar, we’ll bring in one of the world’s foremost experts on SD-WAN evaluation to answer that question, Steve Garson. As the CEO of SD-WAN Experts, Steve has run SD-WAN evaluations for manufacturers across the globe.  Together with Dave Greenfield, Cato’s technology evangelist, Steve will discuss the biggest mistakes he seen manufacturers make when evaluating SD-WAN and how to avoid them.  

Join us and learn:  

  • How much of an SD-WAN deployment should be outsourced and how much kept in house?  
  • The logistical challenges facing factories in remote locations and how to address them.  
  • The risk of increasing last mile capacity and what steps you need to take to protect yourself 
  • Why cloud evaluations must be part of an SD-WAN process even if your company is not yet in the cloud.  
  • How Cato’s converged SD-WAN and security platform helps manufacturers transform their network. 

Presented by


Steve Garson

Steve Garson is the president and founder of SD-WAN Experts. He brings more than a decade of experience helping global enterprises design, source, and implement wide area networks (WANs) with all major SD-WAN providers, MPLS services, and telcos.


Dave Greenfield

Dave Greenfield is a veteran of IT industry. He’s spent more than 20 years as an award-winning journalist and independent technology consultant. Today, he serves as a secure networking evangelist for Cato Networks.