Keys to a Successful SASE Deployment

You’ve heard all about Gartner’s new term SASE, but is it right and relevant for you? From choosing the right vendor to identifying the right time to finding the budget, you’ve got questions.  

Join us and learn:  

  • Why migrate to SASE? 
  • When to start your migration 
  • Where to find the budget 
  • How to identify a real SASE 
  • Where you should be cautious 

In our webinar, Elana Marom and Theresa Abbamondi, both directors of product marketing for Cato, team up to give you the answers you’ll need to ensure a successful SASE migration. 

Presented by


Elana Marom

Elana Marom is a full stack marketer with over 20 years of experience in both startups and enterprises. As Director of Product Marketing at Cato Networks, Elana is passionate about raising awareness for SASE and helping customers leverage its value to prepare their business for whatever is next.


Theresa Abbamondi

Theresa M. Abbamondi is the Director of Product Marketing at Cato Networks. She has been a successful product manager and strategist in the IT/Network security space for over 20 years, launching and growing major service offerings at Verizon, Symantec, and NETSCOUT.