The Ultimate SASE Checklist

Webinar Overview 

Since it was launched in July 2019, Gartner’s new IT transformational category, the Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), has drawn the attention of many IT leaders. SASE is charting a new direction for networking and security for enterprises of all sizesBut, why do we need a new category? Because deploying point products to address emerging connectivity, security, cloud, and mobility requirements at a global scale is not sustainable. A case in point, SASE is a perfect platform to seamlessly address the emerging work-from-home requirement, something current legacy technologies struggle to achieve. Per Gartner, a new architecture is needed, and that architecture is at the core of SASE 

In this webinar we will answer the key questions on what SASE is and what are the core components of a SASE architecture are. 

Join Yishay Yovel, Chief Marketing Officer at Cato Networks, to learn: 

  • The drivers for SASE and why Gartner thinks it will transform IT 
  • The 4 architectural requirements of any SASE platform 
  • How Cato aligns with the SASE and how customers can future proof their networks 
  • Special bonus: Why a cloud-scale, global SASE platform is the PERFECT remote access solution 


Presented by


Yishay Yovel

Chief Marketing Officer at Cato Networks

Yishay has over 25 years of experience in defining and deploying enterprise IT software solutions in the areas of security, storage, business continuity and mobile computing.