From Disinformation to Deepfake

Cybersecurity Master Class: Episode 3

The FBI recently released a warning that deepfake attacks against organizations are an imminent threat. Deepfake technology is becoming more accessible, with attacks ranging from faking a video for ransom, to actual fraudulent transactions and national security incidents.  

How can you identify and mitigate deepfake threats? By understanding the different tactics and techniques behind voice synthesis, face swapping, puppet mastering, and more…  

This is what Raymond Lee, CEO of FakeNet.AI, and Etay Maor, Sr. Director Security Strategy at Cato Networks will explore in the fascinating master class “From Disinformation to Deepfake.” 

Join us and learn more about the: 

  • Different forms of information manipulation 
  • Levels of deepfake, from cheap fakes to full-on fusion 
  • Various techniques to mitigate these threats  
  • Types of attacks using deepfake technology already in the wild 


Presented by


Raymond Lee

CEO of FakeNet.AI



Etay Maor

Sr. Director of Security Strategy

Cato Networks