The Evolution of Remote Access: From VPN to ZTNA to SASE

Webinar Overview 


Working from home is the new norm. In the aftermath of the pandemic, most organizations have adopted some form of a hybrid working model which requires their employees to connect remotely. In essence, every employee's home is now a branch office of one, requiring us to find manageable, cost effective, and secure solutions which will provide a similar user experience to one they have from office.   

Join us to learn more about the evolution of remote access and how it can benefit your organization. 

You’ll also get insights into: 

  • Why VPNs don't meet the requirements of the modern digital business 
  • How ZTNA overcomes the shortcomings of VPNs 
  • Why a standalone ZTNA solution might not be enough  
  • How SASE provides a holistic solution to all enterprise access needs 

Presented by


Boaz Avigad

Boaz is a seasoned IT professional with over 15 years of product leadership experience. He has led strategic planning, product management and go-to-market activities of numerous products in the networking and security spaces. As Director of Product Marketing and Cato networks, Boaz’s mission is to spread the word of SASE and help our customers be better prepared for the networking and security challenges of the future. Boaz holds a BSc in Computer Science and an MBA focused on technology marketing.