Supply chain attacks & Critical infrastructure: CISA’s approach to resiliency

Cybersecurity Master Class: Episode 4

The white house has recently released an executive order (EO) on improving the nation’s cybersecurity. The EO describes the various agencies and infrastructures deemed critical for nation. “Critical Infrastructure” does not refer only to power plants, water facilities and military systems, it also refers to many digital systems on which nations rely on. With cyber security incidents targeting critical infrastructure (from food manufacturers, to pipelines to government electronic healthcare systems) and supply chain attacks on the rise its important to understand if you are part of a critical system and what the government is doing to protect it! 

Join Ron Ford, Cyber Security Advisor at CISA/DHS (Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency / Department of Homeland Security) and Etay Maor, Sr. Director Security Strategy at Cato Networks as they discuss these topics in the “Supply chain attacks & critical infrastructure: CISA’s approach to resiliency” master class. 

Join us and learn more about the:  

  • Critical infrastructure and supply chain attacks 
  • CISA’s mission and cybersecurity advisor program 
  • Scoping cyber security assessments – from strategic to technical 
  • DHS’s “Misconceptions Vs Reality” for securing infrastructures 


Presented by


Ron Ford

Cybersecurity Advisor

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency


Etay Maor

Sr. Director of Security Strategy

Cato Networks