A CISO’s Perspective on Security

Cybersecurity Master Class: Episode 5

Deborah Wheeler is a veteran CISO with decades of experience in designing, implementing, and maintaining cyber security for financial institutions. But when Deborah transitioned to one of the world’s biggest airlines, she was put in charge of securing oil refineries, planes, and highly heterogenic environments. A whole new set of challenges. 

What are the lessons learned from Delta Airlines CISO? 

Join Deborah Wheeler, Delta Airlines CISO, and Etay Maor, Sr. Director Security Strategy at Cato Networks, to learn: 

  • Top concerns for CISOs, from ransomware to recruiting and securing remote workforce   
  • How breaches like Colonial Pipeline and SolarWinds changed the security threat landscape 
  • Recommended frameworks and solutions for any CISO with any budget 

Presented by


Deborah Wheeler

Delta Airlines CISO



Etay Maor

Sr. Director of Security Strategy

Cato Networks