Becoming a White Hat : An interview with a former Black Hat

Cyber Security Master Class: Episode 15

Webinar Overview  

If the name Hector Monsegur does not ring a bell, perhaps Sabu of Lulzsec does. In this unique session, Etay Maor interviews Hector about how a young kid turns into blackhat and then turns into whitehat.

What advice does a former blackhat have for today’s cybersecurity leaders?

Join Hector Monsegur, formerly Lulzsec hacker group leader Sabu and currently Director of Research at Alacrinet, and Etay Maor, Sr Director Security Strategy at Cato Networks, to learn:

  • Hector’s life story: challenges, ambitions, becoming a hacker and leading Lulzsec, and his arrest
  • How a blackhat turns to a whitehat 
  • What a former hacker thinks of today’s cyber security efforts and challenges
  • Why organizations should consider hiring former hackers, and what hackers need to do to change sides and build trust

Presented by


Hector Monsegur

Director of Research at Alacrinet


Etay Maor

Sr. Director of Security Strategy at Cato Networks