HUMINT: Diving Deep into the Dark Web

Cyber Security Master Class: Episode 16

Threat intelligence programs that wish to understand and connect the dots behind adversarial operations must have a HUMINT (human intel) element. Monitoring logs and end points are core components in securing an enterprise; however, without engaging and extracting information from the dark web and its actors, enterprises will have blind spots and gaps in their understanding of the threat landscape.  

In this session, cyber threat intelligence veterans Kobe Shwartz (CEO of Darknet Monitoring), Alex Karlinsky (Service Delivery Manager at Accenture), and Etay Maor (Sr. Director Security Strategy at Cato Networks) dive into the dark web. The session will include a look into current tactics, techniques, and procedures of dark web threat actors, the connection between initial access brokers, nation-state actors, famous breaches, and more.    

Join Kobe Shwartz, Alex Karlinsky and Etay Maor, to learn: 

  • Current tactics, techniques, and procedures of dark web threat actors 
  • The connection between dark web services and offerings to nation-state actors 
  • The latest developments and changes in the way threat actors communicate, buy, and sell on the dark web 

Presented by


Kobe Shwartz

CEO Darknet Monitoring



Alex Karlinsky

Service Delivery Manager



& Etay Maor

Sr. Director of Security Strategy

Cato Networks