Cato XDR - Industry’s First Converged SASE & XDR Solution

Webinar Overview  

Cyber threats loom larger than ever before. According to several cybersecurity research firms, the average total cost of a single data breach has raised to $4.45M, a 15% increase over three years. Costs were higher and breaches took longer to contain when data was stored in multiple environments, particularly in clouds. 

As organizations expand their digital footprint, the risk of sophisticated cyberattacks grows in tandem. How do you fortify your defenses against these threats? 

Join Andrea Napoli, CISSP, Product Marketing Manager, in our upcoming webinar and hear how Cato XDR – the industry’s first SASE-based extended detection and response solution, empowers SOC teams with efficient threat detection, investigation, and response tools. 

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  • Why Cato XDR provides better data richness and quality, helping SOC teams speed up threat investigation and analysis 
  • The difference between traditional Endpoint-based XDR and Cato SASE-based XDR 
  • How the native integration of XDR with the Cato SASE Single Management Console simplifies security operations for faster threat remediation  
  • A demo of a real use-case threat story 

Presented by


Andrea Napoli

CISSP, Product Marketing Manager