Network Threats: A Step-by-step Attack Demonstration

Cyber Security Master Class: Episode 17

We often hear about the two ends of an attack lifecycle – how threat actors gain entry and the resulting impact. But what happens in between? Much of an attack occurs between these two events – on the network. 

With average dwell times exceeding six months until detection, what actions do threat actors take during this period to evade discovery, ensure persistence, and maintain awareness of their location on the network? 

Join Cato’s Security Experts: Dolev Attiya, Staff Security Engineer; Matan Mittelman, Security Research Team Leader; and Etay Maor, Senior Director Security Strategy, as they explore the actions of threat actors on networks. They'll demonstrate the tools, tactics, and techniques used during a breach. Using MITRE ATT&CK as a guideline, the Cato team illustrates each step in detail. 

From Living on the Land (LOL) attacks and network discovery. to lateral movement, persistence, credential dumping, and more – witness an attack unfold! 

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  • The various methods threat actors employ to breach a network 
  • Insights into the motivations behind these actions and their reliance on previous and future steps of the breach 
  • Effective strategies for defenders to detect, mitigate, and prevent these threats, emphasizing the importance of a holistic view of the attack lifecycle 

Presented by


Dolev Attiya

Staff Security Engineer

Cato Networks



Matan Mittelman

Security Research Team Leader

Cato Networks


& Etay Maor

Sr. Director of Security Strategy

Cato Networks