AMA: What’s the Difference Between SD-WAN and SASE?

Webinar Overview 

Since 2016, “What’s the difference between SD-WAN and SASE,” may be the #1 question we get asked at Cato Networks. 

Join us for our most popular AMA: What’s the difference between SD-WAN and SASE? and get your questions answered. 

  • What is SASE and how is it different from SD-WAN? 
  • What is the enterprise and business use case for SASE? 
  • Why will 60% of SD-WAN customers have SASE by 2024? 
  • How easy is it to transition from SD-WAN to SASE? 
  • + Send us your question😊 

The truth is, there are several differences in architecture, use cases, security, remote access, and required expertise, all of which we’ll also discuss during our AMA. 

So, send us your burning questions and put us in the hot seat!  


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Eyal Webber-Zvik

Vice President of Product Marketing

Eyal Webber-Zvik is Cato’s Vice President of Product Marketing. In his role, Eyal manages a global team of product marketing directors that are tasked with driving the company's messaging, position, press and media relations, and more. Previously, Eyal ran Cato's product management organization, translating Cato's SASE vision into a global, successful cloud service. Throughout his years at Cato Networks, Eyal has been involved in dozens of SASE projects across various enterprises and markets. Eyal has more than 20 years of ICT experience in engineering, product management and product marketing.